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The ministry organization as a symbol of Iranian sreaming is the important element in Iranian historiography. Reproduction of many of Iranshahri thoughts teachings in Seljuk's period provided background for note historians to ministry organization. With the domination of Turks on Iran was established ministry s status until free rulers of the art of government benefit of ministry's knowledge. Ravandi was one of the important historians in Seljuk's period. However, he extracted his historical narratives from Saljuknameh, but with the completion of them with other sources and analyzing of dates. His book was changed to an important source with a different style. Ministry organization was High-Frequency concept in Ravandi historiography. His historiography has been set as useful epistle for express reasons. The ministry in his historiography was a symbol of foresight that was a cause of stable government. This article is going to enter a descriptive and analytical methodology to analyzed Ravandi's approach to ministerial organization and answered to these questions what impact of ministry status on Seljuk's period in Ravandi's historiography? And this approach has been influenced by what factors shape?



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