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Spring 5-15-2018


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This study was aimed to evaluate the role of advertising in attracting audience for libraries affiliated to Iranian public libray institute based on the AIDA model in Tehran. This study was applied in terms of purpose and was analytical-survey research from the field studies branch in terms of the method. This study was conducted based on the AIDA model and the population consisted of members of public libraries affiliated to Tehran public library institute during the period from October 2015 to October 2016. The total number of public libraries' members in Tehran was 39085 people. 379 people were selected as the sample based on the Cochran formula. The sampling method was stratified random based on the education component. The data were collected using a researcher-made questionnaire by modeling Jamili brothers, Rabiee and Mohammadian questionnaire (2011). The data were analyzed by SPSS Softwwere in two levels of descriptive and inferential statistics. 338 questionnaires were returned from 379 studied samples. The results showed that advertising of Iranian public libraries was fauiled to pass the levels of AIDA model in Tehran. But it had the effectiveness lower than average. The results show that unawwereness of community about the libraries with diverse services and easy use has led to a gap between libraries and community in general and potential users in particular. One of the essential causes of the advertising inefficiency was excessive concentration of advertising on the library itself (location). The opinions of the public libraries' members in Tehran city show that unawwereness about the existence of the library and the various services that can be provided even has led to a gap among members. Therefore, Iranian public library institute in general, provincial general offices and cities secondarily, and in particular libraries themselves should use all their facilities to remove the barriers of the distance between the referees and the libraries. This problem can be solved to a large extent by extensive advertising.



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