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This present paper examines the bibliometric assessment of research performance on dental science literature by researchers affiliated to King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences (KSAU-HS), its teaching hospitals and Research Centre, to determine the statistical scenario and highlight the emerging trends in dental research. It is a retrospective observational study that had been carried out in of College of Dentistry library, KSAU-HS during January 2018. Published research on dentistry in authorship affiliated to KSAU-HS was collected from different online sources; Web of Science, PubMed, Google Scholar, ResearchGate and the archival record of King Abdullah International Research Centre from inception of KSAU-HS to December 2017. Year-wise distribution of articles, subject-wise segregation, collaboration pattern, authorship, and most productive authors have been calculated. The data is analyzed by using Microsoft Excel 2010.The finding of the study exposed that 144 research items published in 84 different journals contributed by 586 authors with an average of 4.06 authors per article. The rising tendency in publication and collaborative research was observed, 68% articles published during 2015-2017. Original research article (72.22%) being favorite design and Public Health Dentistry (30.55%) found to be the most preferred area of research. Dr. Khalid Al Fouzan emerged as most productive author. Authorship and citations pattern had also been calculated. Assessment of dental research revealed that there has been a growing emerging trend in publications. It’s the first bibliometric study on dental research in KSA, highlighted the collaboration style and pointed out the strong and weak areas of research.



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