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Winter 8-8-2018


Okeji, C.C., Bosah, E. G., and Eze, M.E. (2018). Citation analysis of most prolificauthors in the field of Library and Information Science in Nigeria. Library Philosophy and Practice


The aim of the study is to carry out a citation analysis of ten most prolific academic scholars in the field of Library and Information Science (LIS) in Nigeria and also determine their authorship pattern. Google scholar database was used in searching for articles published from 2000 to May, 2018. Ten academic researchers in the field of LIS in Nigeria were studied.

Results from the analysis show that, Tella, Adeyinka with 72 articles had a total of 1,740 citations and is the most cited author among the ten most prolific authors in the field of Library and Information Science in Nigeria, followed by Adomi, E. Esharenana with 904 citations from 47 articles, and Nwagwu, E. Williams with 684 citations from 70 articles. The authorship patterns of the publications revealed that majority of the articles were co-authored papers. Further analysis showed that the degree of collaboration among the researchers was high. The correlation of the most cited articles with most cited journals revealed the Library Philosophy & Practice as the most cited journal.

The study calls for authorities in institutions and editors of local journals to find solutions to the inclusion of local journals in international indexing and abstraction databases to present a realistic picture of scholarly publications.



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