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This paper intended to explore the information literacy skills of the students at rural area college and to find out the factors which have impact on these skills. Data has been collected at Sri Sarada College for Women situated in the rural area of Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu. Among 200 questionnaires distributed, 175 questionnaires have been collected back. Data have been analyzed with the Descriptive analysis method, Anova Test, Paired Sample T Test using SPSS software. Information literacy skills of the students has been analyzed by their information search and retrieve ability, using email, Subject E Mail forum, Document Sharing, Downloading, Open Access Resources. The relationship between Native area of the students and information literacy skills of the students are analyzed. Native area of the students has important extent for affecting these skill levels. After that, according to the results, training has been given to these students to impart information literacy skills. Again the survey has been taken. The results are showing that students got awareness and learnt some extent to use internet for their academic purpose and also for their lifelong learning process. The conclusion is imparting information literacy skills among college students especially among rural area college students along with their regular study is very much important for building knowledge, lifelong learning skill and this is basis for empowered society.



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