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Winter 10-7-2018


The authors acknoweldged to Anwar, (2018) and Sa & Barik, (2016) for their support.


A bibliometric analysis of the research papers explores different aspects of the contribution from an individual author to the country as a whole. The growth of publications, authorship patterns, paper lengths, referencing trends, prolific contribution of authors, etc. about a particular journal are includes in bibliometric studies. Keeping in mind the Indian contribution to a peer review e-journal namely Library Philosophy and Practice (e-Journal) this study began. Meanwhile, it is observed that already work has done on several related aspect. Further, it is also found that the same study has already conducted by Anwar, (2018), exploring the Pakistani contribution to the same journals from 2008-2017. Finally, the present study has designed to explore and compare the contribution of Indian and Pakistani authors to Library Philosophy and Practice (LPP) for a period of ten years from 2008-17. The India and Pakistan are two significant countries in South-East Asia those shares historical, political, and economic background together.

This study is based on the bibliometric analysis on LPP covered a period from 2008-2017 in which 432 articles (86 articles from Pakistani & 346 articles from Indian authors) were published during the marked period. Study examines the various bibliometric parameters such as authorship pattern, geographical distribution, major authors, and length of articles. Study finds that 41.8% (181) articles were contributed by two authors. Further, the study found that 11-15 pages of articles published in majority by the authors in both countries.



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