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Fall 2018


The paper uses a bibliometric analysis explore citations trend of ethnomedicine and information management, and text mining algorithm of a total number of 8, 333 publications (n = 8,333) were conducted based on the title, abstract and keywords to find co-occurrence of key terms in indigenous medicine and information management. The objectives of this study were to first, analyze the authorship, outputs and citation trend and to find out if researchers have been able to establish a nexus between indigenous herbal use and the role of information management in promoting such use. Second, to establish if there is an already link in the information management research through collaboration as a nexus to promoting indigenous use of herbal medicine to enhance public healthcare delivery systems in the continent. A computation synthesis of the data was performed using R programming statistical analysis and VOS bibliometric software to visualize the analyzed data. Based on the R programming output, the total author sample size were 35,970 (n = 35,970), and their total publications outputs were n= 8,333 and the total outputs parameters was as follows: Min = 5.00 Max = 71.00, µ = 10.59. The average citation per items was 4.74 (ACP = 4.74) h-index=60, sum of times cited (STC = 39,572), citing articles (CA = 32,749) without self-citations (n =36,042) and it’s citing articles (CA= 30,777). The findings suggested that researchers were yet to establish the nexus between information management and its impact in promoting indigenous use of natural remedies within the public healthcare delivery to promote its efficacies.



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