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The purpose of the study is to analyze various features and functions of Library and Information Science (LIS) Blogs in India with the help of specially designed evaluation checklist and ranked them based on features/functions. A structured evaluation checklist contains 110 dichotomous questions, categorized in three broad categories. The findings of the study explore different features of LIS blogs which reveals that three of the blogs i.e. Library and Information Science Friends (LIS Friends), The Co-Professionals LIS and Library Soup has the highest scored among the seven studied LIS blogs. The LIS blogs under study are behind exploiting the optimum potential of facilities provided by Moreover, mobile apps and social networking site features are some of the area that needs to focus on.

It is hoped that lower ranked LIS blog will attend to the lacunae and soon upgrade the LIS blog wherever it lacks, particularly using mobile technologies. The findings of the study will not only help the LIS students and research scholars to understand the features/functions of LIS blogs but also help them in better using and finding the LIS information successfully. These findings may also help the developers of the LIS blogs in India to enhance features/ services to suit the collaborative user.



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