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The present study examines the Use of Library Resources and Services among Undergraduate Students of Forestry College at Ponnampet in Kodagu District, Karnataka state. Questionnaires as a tool used for data collection. There are 140 Questionnaires were distributed to the students. Out of which 105 filled Questionnaires were returned by the students. The major finding of the study reveals that Table 2 there are 55(52.38%) Male students were responded to the questionnaire. Followed by 50(47.62%) were Female Students. Table 3 shows 69(65.71%) students visit to library daily. 23(21.91%) students visited thrice in a week, the remaining students visit library during once in a week, twice in a week, occasionally and once in a month. Table 4 shows majority 59(56.19%) students visit to library for the purpose of Borrow and return Books. 13(12.39%) students visited to writing assignment, Table 5 it is observed that 59(56.19%) students access information through on library shelves. 36(34.28%) students access information through assistance with library staff, Table 6 shows Library collections. There are 89(84.76%) students responses on satisfactory opinion on Text Books collections. Followed by Newspapers/ Magazines with 83(79.04%), Table 7 It is found that Majority 94(89.52%) of students satisfied with Reprographic services followed by very less Bibliographic services and 22(20.95%) students expressed not satisfactory with ILL services. Table 8 describe on orientation programme on Internet. 35(33.33%) students expressed that they require orientation programme for access of Internet. Lastly Table 9 discussion on physical facilities in library. Between 85-99% of students expressed satisfactory on Physical facilities of Library.