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Adoption of library automation software is imperative. In the changing phase of the information sector, Open Source Integrated Library System is gaining more significance across the world for various factors such as availability of source code, flexibility, cost benefit, better quality control, self-customization and community support. The main objective of this paper is to examine the experience of KUST Library in the adoption of NEWGEN Library Management Open Source Software (OSS). The methodology adopted was a survey design, data was collected using questionnaire. The questionnaires were administered to 5 staff of the library in the cataloguing units. The participants were limited to the cataloguing unit because it was observed that the software is presently in use in only the cataloguing unit of the library Findings show that the main reasons for the adoption of NewGenLib ILMS by KUST library were: provision of on-the-spot access to information, proper organization of information resources, accurate charging and discharging process, up to date statistical records, evaluation of information resources, linkage to all the faculty libraries for efficient management and adequate services to the users and resource sharing. ICT facilities available in the adoption of NewGenLib Software in KUST library include: server, computers, barcode printer, barcode label, camera, battery, computer printers, internet, barcode reader, UPS and photocopy machine. While scanning machine, inverter, projector are not available. The major challenges faced in the adoption of NewGenLib ILMS in KUST library are: erratic power supply, insufficient manpower, inadequate training and technical support, lack of participation, inability to modify some of the fields, accession number field not available on the interface where other fields are, scalability and speed, lack of supervision, lack of motivation. Based on the findings, the University management should create an avenue where all the staff will be actively involved in the adoption of the NewGenLib Integrated Library Management Software; they should also organize a workshop where the staff can be trained about the various modules of the software. The University library hopes to adopt the software to the services of other departments in the library after concluding the data entry process.