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Information literacy is an art of learning skills in identifying defining and the information and its needs, approaches to locate the information and the behavior in accessing and evaluating the information in order to make use of the information for the perceived need. Hence, the study aims at covering the various types of information required by the women teaching faculty members particularly, in academic and research environment, the awareness on information access techniques and tools, behavior of scientists in access and use of information-resources, the techniques need to be imparted, the impact of information literacy on improving the productivity of women faculties/scientists were studied in detail. The study is limited to women teaching faculty working in the colleges, universities, and research institutions situated in Coimbatore, Erode, Tripur and Nilgiries. The respondent was selected by ‘simple random sampling techniques’ Data were collected from 440 respondents out of the total population of 2800 from the surveyed institution in the study area.600 copies of the questionnaire were distributed to the identified respondents and 450 filled in questionnaires were received among them 10 questionnaires were incomplete hence; the response of the sample size is 73 percent.



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