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Winter 2-2-2019


The aim of this study is to investigate the information seeking behaviour of immigrants in the United Kingdom, main focus was on the asylum seekers. The research method was extended literature review type. The literature review takes the shape of a systematic review. Past studies were used to know what has been done about the study and what is missing, which helped the researcher in creating the research questions. Data were collected from different findings of several researchers, the analysis of secondary authors were collated to form the findings of this research. International studies were mostly used because more research has been done internationally than in the UK. The limitation of the study was trust issues, the findings cannot be trusted based on the research method used. The findings, answer the research questions of information needs, information source and information barriers of immigrants. The researcher provided some recommendations for informational professionals and librarians as how to solve the research problems. The role of the Library was also discussed extensively as to help immigrants upon arrival in a new environment.



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