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Purpose: - Workplace discrimination is a very common problem faced by employees, all across the world and so holds true about Library and Information Science professionals. Accordingly, the present study is an attempt to assess how far the library and Information Science professionals working in the higher education sector of the Jammu & Kashmir, India face discrimination in their workplaces. Some of the key areas studied include, the racial and religious discrimination faced by the professionals, discrimination in the matters of pay, promotions, leave admissibility, research grants, undue administrative interference, recognition, etc.

Scope and methodology: - The scope of the study is limited to the higher education sector of the Jammu & Kashmir state, India, but given the nature of the job, the findings of the study can be easily generalized. The study is purely based on the primary data collected from the respondents through questionnaires, specially designed for the purpose.

Some Key Findings: -In all 264 responses were generated from the respondents comprising 55.7% female and 44.3% male respondents. The majority, 53% respondents replied that they do not enjoy the faculty status, while as, 42% respondents replied that they feel despised by professionals from other relative groups. Over 58% respondents replied that they do not participate in the administrative matter of their institution, while as, 46.2% respondents replied that library related policy decisions are not taken with their consent. Over 43% respondents have replied that promotional benefits were not extended to them in time. Concerns were also shown towards the undue interference by the institutional administration in the administrative and policy matters of the library. Operational autonomy, recognition of the contribution, promotional policy are some other areas where respondents have shown concern, whereas mixed reactions were received about the support and cooperation respondents receive from their peers and seniors.

Some of the positives which emerged from the present survey are that the majority, 75% respondents never face discrimination on the basis of racial or religious grounds and so do majority respondents replied of having never felt insulted or isolated in the workplace.

Research Implications: - Workplace which breads discrimination among employees is bound to cause dismay and unhappiness among them, resulting into their job dissatisfaction. It is the responsibility of an employer to ensure that his/her employee gets the work environment, which is free from religious, racial, ethnic and other sort of discrimination.



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