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Spring 4-3-2019


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Purpose: The study was carried out with an aim to understand the mobile reading behaviour among the millennials of the state of Tripura.

Methodology: The questionnaire having 35 questions was administered to 120 under graduate students of different departments from Govt. Degree College, Khumulwng and Ramakrishna Mahavidyalay. Out of 120 students, 82 have responded from Govt. Degree College, Khumulwng and the response rate is 68%. Out of 120 students, 80 have responded from Ramakrishna Mahavidyalay and the response rate is 66.66%.

Results: The study revealed that highest number of respondents from Govt. Degree College, Khumulwng belongs to Female 53 (64.63%) and from Ramkrishna Mahavidyalaya belongs to male category 64 (80.00%). maximum respondents from both the colleges belong to rural area. Maximum respondents from both the colleges use phone for 1-3 and 3 -5 hours in a day. From Govt. Degree College, Khumulwng maximum respondents 67 (81.71%) use of phone for reading and Ramakrishna Mahavidyalaya maximu respondents (68.75%) use of phone for reading. From Govt. Degree College, Khumulwng maximum respondents 45 (54.88%) read daily 30-60 minutes in their phone and Ramkrishna Mahavidyalaya maximum respondents 35 (43.75%) are daily 30-60 minutes reading in their phone. Maximum respondents from both the colleges read news in their phones. Maximum respondents accepted the fact that they read more after they have become mobile readers. Maximum respondents look for word meanings in their phones, uses dictionary app and prefer English language for mobile reading. From Govt Degree College, Khumulwng 43.9% respondents are aware of E-book and from Ramakrishna Mahavidyalaya respondents 76.25% are aware of E-book. From Govt. Degree College, Khumulwng 58.54% respondents have never used any E-book and from Ramkrishna Mahavidyalaya 65% respondents have never used any E-book followed by 35% used E-book. Maximum respondents from both the colleges want E- book services from their respected libraries.

Implications: The knowledge acquired through this study should contribute to better understanding of the phenomena of reading habits, mobile reading habits and attitude towards it in Tripura.



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