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The paper investigated Information acquisition, ICT use as it affects employee satisfaction in Microfinance Banks in South-West, Nigeria


This study examined information acquisition and ICT use as predictors of employee satisfaction in microfinance banks in South-West, Nigeria. Survey research design was used. Multi-stage sampling techniques were used in selecting 600 employees. An average of six respondents was selected from operation and marketing staff of each of the 95 selected banks across the six states in the South western Nigeria. The instruments for data collection were employee satisfaction scale (0.78), frequency of information acquisition of employee questionnaire (0.83) and ICT use scale (0.76). The data was analysed using frequency count, percentage distribution, mean and standard deviation scores and Multiple regression statistics at 0.05 level of significance. Results show that the respondents occasionally acquire information (mean =3.94) in their banks. It also, revealed that microfinance banks in South-West, Nigeria occasionally use ICT in their daily work routine (mean = 3.98. Information acquisition and ICT use when taken together accounted for 5.1 percent of the total variance in employee satisfaction in microfinance banks in South-West, Nigeria. ICT use (β = 0. 440, t = 3.045, p< .05) is shown as the variable highly responsible for the significant combined influence of information acquisition and ICT use on employee satisfaction in microfinance banks in South-West, Nigeria. It is, therefore, necessary for employees of microfinance banks in South-West, Nigeria, to embrace the frequent use of ICT for easy and effective service delivery in order to enhance employee satisfaction.



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