Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The purpose of this paper is to assess the mental health of the male and female library users of the centrally funded university libraries of Assam in Northeast India i.e., Assam University and Tezpur University. The study has been conducted in the context of library anxiety while finding information by both the category of users to identify the shortcomings in the library system and also to suggest the remedies. Survey method has been adopted to conduct the research study. A structured questionnaire has been designed and distributed among randomly selected users. The statements developed by Sharon L Bostick (1992) which is known as the Library Anxiety Scale have been applied. Library anxiety has been measured with the help of the scores proposed by Anwar, Al-Kandari, and Al-Qallaf (2004). It is evident that Library anxiety exists in both Assam University and Tezpur University. Library anxiety is more in terms of library resources and library environment. Among the gender category, library anxiety is found to be at an extreme level among female users. This research study, being the first of this kind helped in finding out the library anxiety by adopting the library anxiety scale.



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