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Spring 4-2019

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This study highlights various issues allied with the web and its resources used by researchers of concerned departments under the faculty of social science. As per finding of the result, the Guru Ghasidas University is providing average accessibility of the web to the researchers. The respondents are very conscious and regularly accessed the web and concerned resources to pursue their research-oriented activities. Finding of the study revealed that today, the web and web based resources has become a crucial component for the research in university.


The main purpose of this study was to identify and analyze the different use of web and its resources among research scholars at Guru Ghasidas University (A Central University), Bilaspur, India. The study mainly focused on the use of web and preferred information source as well as methods to access the web. In this study a well-structured questionnaire survey of Eighty Nine (89) full-time research scholars of various departments under the faculty of the social science reveals that the majority of the respondents access the web regularly. Most of the research scholars’ access to web based resources with simple keywords. The poor connectivity of the internet was the major obstacle among maximum research scholars during access to the web in the library. The finding of the study would assist various universities certainly to make better use of web and its resources for research work especially.