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The present study investigated about the management of collection in university libraries of Assam, in ICT environment. The study covered the main criteria like library organizational structures, collection development policy, document selection, supplier selection, book order, resource collection, licensing policy, technical processing, organization of resources, access to collection, library services, collection maintenance, user strength etc. data collected from the library professional.

The study investigates and elaborates the primary way to learn about the collection management, collection development in accordance to today’s information exploitation age of ICT. Findings and suggestions have been given to make the service more beneficial in the university libraries of Assam.

Though the e-resources considered as the vital components of university library collection, till now some of the reputed university library not in a position to purchase the e-resources and though some of the university library have their e-collection till now that are not fully organized, it is due to various factors like insufficient funds, inadequate trained staff in handling computers and software packages, and administrative concerns etc. Automation has been initiated in all university libraries of Assam and they are enjoying the ICT in almost all aspects such as user, resources and staff management and services. It is important to evaluate whether the progress in ICT has any impact on the library profession in these highest educational institutions or not. The study carried out through questionnaire method for collection of data and supplemented by interviews of librarians to gather additional information required.