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Many models and theories have been developed in a bid to properly conceptualize the way and manner in which users approach information systems. These theories have inspired many researches and facilitate the development of various solutions and frameworks designed to help both the information users and information service providers. One of such models is Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) which basic principles are applied in this study to examine the Use of Library Electronic Information Resources by Undergraduate Students of Lead City University, Ibadan. The research adopted a descriptive survey design. The population for the study was two thousand one-hundred and seventy-one (2,171) undergraduates from faculty of law, arts and education, social and management sciences and basic sciences. Probability sampling techniques were used to select 217 respondents. Questionnaire was used to elicit response. The data was analyzed using frequency counts and percentages of descriptive statistics. The study revealed availability of electronic information resources. Majority of the respondents (53%) Strongly Agree and (29%) Agree respectively to the usefulness of the Electronic Information Resources in their academic tasks, 36% of the respondents Agree while 38% strongly Agree respectively that overall, they found the Electronic Information Resources easy to use. Likewise, respondents reported a high level of satisfaction with using Library Electronic Information Resources. Respondents however view slow internet access as a major challenge. The researcher recommended that the university library should ensure better internet access, create awareness on library resources and provide uninterrupted power supply in the library and the university community.



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