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Internet has become increasingly popular nowadays. Several million of websites have been built and used for electronic buying and selling. Many designers have begun to focus their attention on whether these platforms can really be used to the satisfaction of users. Hence, the need to evaluate users’ experience on E-Commerce platforms. This research compares five platforms (Jumia, Ali-Express, Konga, Amazon and Jiji) based on users’ review through the use of online questionnaires for evaluating the platforms. From the data retrieved, Jumia, Konga and Ali Express recorded a total number of 105, 67 and 45 respondents representing 47.29%, 31.08% and 20.27% of the used sample population respectively. Amazon and Jiji recorded 2 and 3 respondents respectively accounting for 0.9% and 1.35% of the total population size. Attention should be given to attractive and easy-to-Navigate E-Commerce platform designs for users to have good user experience.