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Part-time and Distance education is fast gaining global acceptance with millions of enrolments annually. Stakeholders have argued that, just like regular students, those who chose this mode of study deserve the highest quality services available. As a result, Library and Information service providers are seeking to understand this group of users in order to properly meet their information needs and design services that best fit their unique characteristics. The study thus examined the availability and use of Library and Information Services by Part-time, Students at Lead City University, Ibadan, Nigeria. A self administered questionnaire was used to gather data. The data collected were analyzed using the SPSS for Windows Version 20. Descriptive analysis was performed on the data which yielded percentages, frequencies, means, and standard deviation that described the central tendency and sample distribution. The study found that, although they have diverse information needs, part -time students have limited access to the resources and services of the Lead City University Library and majority of them turn to other sources that are easily within reach like the internet. In the light of the findings, the study recommended that libraries should take the advantage of ICT in facilitating remote access to electronic format of books and journals and extend Information literacy services to part-time students.



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