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Summer 5-30-2019



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Cloud computing is a service through which we access in a remote application server and consume computing services through the internet. This modification of cloud computing has been quite popular since the last decade in enabling computing. Cloud computing plays a key role in the development of Modern Library. Modern libraries are being rejuvenated rapidly through cloud computing. The Bibliometric study of the publication on cloud computing has been done in the research paper presented. Web of Science Core collection database has been used for data collection. Total 11776 articles were retrieved on Cloud Computing through Web of Science database. The retrieved data were inputted in MS Excel sheet and various tables have been made for analysis of data. R. Buyya is top author with 138 articles followed by J. Lee with 114. In 2018, there were 2667 papers published on computing cloud followed by 2247 in year 2017.As per country wide, Chine is on top followed by USA. The India is on third position with 997 research papers. The Top Journal is Future Generation Computer Systems the International Journal of Escience Followed by IEEE Access and Journal of Supercomputing.



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