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Spring 4-2019


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The present study is a bibliometric analysis of select 10 open access journals in the field of Library and Information Science (LIS). The study intends to establish an idea about the yearly growth of publications, most contributing countries, most contributing institutions, types of documents published, most cited publications, prolific authors, citation impact, authorship pattern, and some other bibliometric aspect of these journals. The findings in the study reveal that there is steady growth of literature seen in LIS open access journals during the period of study. About 83 countries and 990 institutes/ universities across the globe have contributed to these journals. United States of America is the leader country among all contributing countries. The publications in LIS open access journals are dominated by single authorship pattern. Also, some other aspects of these journals which have been revealed in the present study will immensely benefit the library professionals, LIS researchers and faculty members for selection of LIS open access journals.



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