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Spring 4-22-2019


Employing stress management strategies on daily basis will help improve human well-being, welfare and productivity in the workplace. Hence, the need for high level stress management practices among librarians.



Librarians occupational performance include their task, contextual and adaptive performance which are practical and strategic tools for achieving libraries’ set objectives. Stress management strategies are activities, readjustments, methods and techniques that are employed in managing, dealing, coping, reducing and eradicating the harmful effects of stress. The paper discussed improving librarians’ occupational performance through stress management strategies as an overview. It was established that stress management strategies help librarians in dealing, handling and coping with stress and its harmful effects. Librarians can achieve high occupational performance when they are stress free. The paper explored an overview of librarians’ occupational performance, stress, concept of stress management strategies, individual stress management strategies and organisational stress management strategies and ways stress management strategies improves librarians’ occupational performance. Based on the established facts in the discourse these recommendations are made: the library managements should create awareness programmes to sensitise librarians on the need for daily stress management practices; stress management programmes should be created for librarians in the library; body fitness and training centres should be established in the library complex; and librarians should frequently consult psychologists and physiotherapists for professional advice and care when stressed.



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