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While there is a fair extension of literature in terms of core skills required by librarians but there is rareness of research on competencies that librarians should possess in terms of their personality traits that distinguish them from the rest of the professions. The role of librarians in the 21st century has migrated from information disseminators to the talent searchers, technological experts, innovators, strategy makers, and entrepreneur. Accordingly, they cannot rely on so-called "soft skills" of primitive nature; their skills must have a touch of dynamism. The study being theoretical type describes the personality based traits of the librarians on source of 16 Personality Factor (16PF), a widely researched normal personality inventory i.e., Reasoning, Dominance, Emotionally Stable, Liveliness, Social Boldness, Self-reliance, Vigilance, Privateness, Warmth, Tension Free, Rule-Consciousness, Perfectionism, Sensitiveness, Abstractedness, Apprehensive and Openness to Change.



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