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Critical Information Literacy is a commitment to social justice by which people can be empowered through various information sources to question dominant values and beliefs in the society thereby enabling an awareness on issues of democracy and good governance. This article investigated some of the critical challenges faced by libraries with respect to information skills empowerment of the citizens of Jos, Plateau State in the democratic process . The paper is set within the context of the 2019 general elections in Nigeria. It examined the ways that libraries in the city of Jos facilitate knowledge of political issues and awareness of electoral processes for effective democratic participation in elections through quality information provision. A survey research method was adopted for the study and data was collected through the administration of structured questionnaires. Outcomes from the study emphasized the collaborative role of libraries, the Plateau State government and other stakeholders in advocating for the importance of critical information literacy as an important policy agenda for providing access to quality information sources for informed political participation in the electoral process in Plateau State, Nigeria.



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