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This study examined the availability, functionality and utilization of ICT facilities for effective instructional delivery of agricultural science in Nigeria Secondary Schools. Descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. Three research questions guided the study. The study area was North-central States of Nigeria and the population was 1706 teachers of agricultural science in secondary schools. Purposive Sampling Technique was adopted to select 853 Heads of Departments of Agriculture from the secondary schools. The researchers developed a 60-items questionnaire titled "utilization of ICT facilities for instructional delivery of agricultural science" (UICTFIDAS) for data collection. Three experts validated the instrument. Cronbach Alpha method was used to test the reliability and a coefficient value of 0.82 was obtained. Research question one was answered using frequencies and percentages, while mean and standard deviation were used to answer research questions 2 and 3. Findings of the study revealed that most ICT facilities were not available, and the few available were not utilized because of non-functionality in most secondary schools in the study area. The study concluded that there was need for a refocus on ICT integration in the education system, which is a common trend in the millennium. Recommendations were made among which, was that government should collaborate with stakeholders in providing adequate ICT facilities, organize seminars and workshops to empower teachers with ICT knowledge and skills. In addition, school administrators should ensure utilization and maintenance of ICT facilities available in their schools.