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Developments within industrial technology has currently become one of the phenomenon’s in causing industries to use social media monitoring in handling feedback. People who work within an industry, have similar aims and purpose of the aforementioned industry, in which is usually related with the industry’s vision and mission.

“Both practitioners and academics agree that the social revolution occurring through digital channels will have a profound impact on how people interact with each other and how companies manage their relationships in the changing communications landscape (Greenberg, 2010;Kletzmann et al.,2011;Dennis et al.,2009)” (Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, Vol. 30).

Within this study, Telco Industries in Indonesia have been chosen to be the subject of research. The researcher chose several Telco industries that meets the criteria in accordance to the qualification standards and needs previously set by the researcher itself. Such a matter has become very interesting – especially in the digital era, as companies have transformed from using conventional methods in handling feedback to currently digital handling feedbacks by using social media monitoring.

The research method used, includes a literature study. The data used within the results of this study, comes in the form of data collection obtained from media releases, websites, and several literatures such as journals and books.

Results that are obtained from this research, includes an analysis regarding to why and how industries use as well as utilize social media monitoring to handle feedback.