Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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The concept “Information Explosion” is developed in this world. ICT (Information & Communication Technology) is playing a significant role in housekeeping activities and information retrieval in libraries. ICT consists of three terms Information, Communication & Technology. The paper highlights the use of ICT in college libraries. For collecting data, questionnaire method is adopted. The findings of the study shows that, the highest percentage of libraries (80.56%) have printer in libraries followed by photocopy machines (75%), CD/CD-ROM drive (72.22%), scanners (70.37%), and barcode scanners (54.63%). Further, 39.29% libraries have partially automated. Only 32.94% have completely automated and 15.48% college libraries have started the process of automation. In this context, the study recommends that there is need to mobilize funds for library automation by undertaking projects, convincing the management to start self-financed courses and also requesting different funding agencies to implement library automation.