Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



As more students travel to learn more about global languages, cultures, and markets, colleges and universities will be increasingly invested in the quality of what they learn. Academic libraries can be important and creative partners to the departments who send students abroad. Librarians can help both faculty and students prepare for their trip by acquiring and promoting scholarly resources devoted to descriptions of the destination country's political history, cultural influence, and economic standing. While students are away from campus, libraries can function as a virtual resource of reliable information, point-of-need instruction, and research reinforcement for assigned readings and writing. When students return to their home campus, the library can provide resources that will allow them to put their travels into the larger context of their further education and their future careers. By working in collaborative relationships with faculty, librarians can contribute to the ultimate success of the increasing emphasis on global issues on American campuses, and, in doing so, help newer generations of students “finish” their education.