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Adequate resources in Libraries are not an indication of a good or well-organized Library, as availability of resources does not guarantee full accessibility. Many a time, users of University Libraries find it difficult to effectively access and reproduce the available resources in the library, owing to either complete absence or shortage of reprographic facilities, which as a matter of fact, is of great concern. The purpose of this study was to investigate the role of reprographic services in enhancing the availability and accessibility of library resources to students in University Libraries, a case study of Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria. Questionnaires and observation checklist were used for the survey. 2000 students selected using stratified random sampling constituted the sample size out of a population of 35,000 students. Data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics. Results revealed that reprographic services were not fully utilized despite its importance in enhancing the accessibility and availability of information resources, this was owned to some factors that may limit the effectiveness of reprographic services such as unskilled staff, erratic power supply and scarcity of machine spare parts. Effective and efficient library management was the most rated factor to improve this.