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Summer 7-27-2019


The study assessed the legal depository practices of the National Library Nigeria (NLN) and compliance of publishers and authors with legal deposit obligations. Three objectives guided the study. Descriptive survey design was adopted for the study. The instruments for data collection comprised questionnaire and checklist. A combination of purposive and complete census sampling techniques were used for data collection. For data analysis, the study adopted descriptive and inferential statistics, using mean and standard deviation, simple percentage was used for the observation checklist, while the null hypothesis was tested at 0.05 degree of significance using ANOVA. The findings revealed 15 available legal depository practices of the National Library of Nigeria. The findings also revealed that the effectiveness of the National Library of Nigeria legal depository practices is less as only five out of the fifteen items studied were rated highly effective. The findings on effectiveness of the NLN in enhancing compliance of publishers and authors to legal deposit obligations revealed high level of effectiveness as out of 9 items studied, five were rated highly effective, with cluster mean of 2.50. However, the cluster mean of 2.50 revealed the need for the Agency to improve on her legal depository practices and efforts at enhancing compliance. Recommendations were made and the study concluded that where effectiveness of legal depository practices are on low extent and ineffective compliance, many of the country's publication output would not be collected, which invariably affects timely production of National Bibliography of Nigeria (NBN), which is a by-product of legal deposit. The study therefore provided an empirical evidence supporting comprehensive and timely collection of legal deposit. Thus, the strengths and weakness identified makes it necessary for the National Library of Nigeria to apply the recommendations, so as to engender an improved legal depository practices and compliance of publishers and authors to legal deposit obligations.