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The purpose of this research is to investigate the social status of Library and Information Science from the point of view of librarians of public libraries in Guilan province, Iran. This research is an applied research and has been conducted through a survey method. The statistical population of the study consisted of 199 librarians working in public libraries of Guilan province, Iran. Using Morgan's table, 127 subjects were selected as sample size and 124 of them responded to the questionnaire. In order to assess the validity of the questionnaire, professors' and library managers' opinions were used and for reliability purposes, Cronbach's alpha coefficient was used which had an acceptable reliability of 0.96. Findings showed that based on the views of librarians of public libraries, the social status of Library and Information Science is at weak and moderate levels. There is also a significant difference between the views of librarians on their social status in terms of gender and level of education. According to the results of this research indicating the low level of the social status of the Library and Information Science profession, it seems that the authorities and policymakers of this profession, on the one hand, and the librarians themselves, on the other hand, need to take more effective steps and decisions in order to promote the status of the field.



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