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Summer 7-17-2019


Communication is the foundation for business viability, more especially shopping centre business. Shopping centre business is a collaboration between owner, tenants and various consumers. For the business to function effectively, it must adopt and sustain effective communication approach which will bring about a better relationship with local consumers and the tenants operating within the centre. This paper examined the theoretical knowledge of customer relationship management (CRM) using Harold Lasswell “5W’’ model of communication, which focuses on "Who (says) What (to) Whom (in) Which Channel (with) What Effect" to illustrate how communication builds good relationship and the impacts it has on shopping centre business. It expatiated on how good relationship is built with constant communication among landlord, tenants and local consumers for smooth running of business. It analysed the channel used by communicator (Shopping Centre management), the motivation for choosing such channel to communicate effectively and to maintain good relationship. Finally, the effects that communication has on communicator (shopping centre) as well as the receivers (Tenants, Consumers) were pointed-out.



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