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Bringing together the multi-folded facets of the various disciplines across the globe, the role of Libraries, the bibliotheca is transforming. The surging demand for the information in todays’ digital world, has been substantially changing the role of libraries. The Libraries are altering their roles by providing enhanced & enriched set of services. The patrons of this Digital civilization and the fresh entries alongwith the extension to this collection of tools and services has also changed. Prabha, Chandra, Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Lawrence Olszewski, and Lillie Jenkins calls todays’ world as “overloaded information environment”. This study on Gentrification of Bibliotheca for the Digital Citizens reflects the transformation of libraries in print-digital transition and the kinds of services citizens would like to see if they were to redesign libraries themselves. This study is a part of a research effort which explores the role that the libraries play in people’s lives. Also, the study reflects how the Open Source Library Automation Softwares are affecting the users of today that is the Digital citizens. This survey was conducted to validate the findings from a data collection of 1431 Delhi locals ages ranging from 16 and above during the month of January to June, 2019. The survey was administered during the personal visits to the libraries like Delhi Public Library, Delhi University Central Library, Jawaharlal Nehru University Library. A few personalised calls were made via landline phone and a few by calling directly telephonically, Also, through social networking websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp questionnaire was shared using Google forms. The questionnaire was distributed in print and electronic form both. The data was collected telephonically in both the languages English and Hindi. The margin of error for the full survey is plus or minus upto 5-7 percentage. This present analysis that controls a variety of demographic factors such as income, educational attainment, and age shows that race and ethnicity are significant independent predictors of people’s attitudes about the role of libraries in communities, about current library services, and about their likely use of the future library services the researcher has inquired upon.



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