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Summer 7-8-2019


The study analysed the awareness and usage of the internet among 124 Students and research scholars of Alagappa University. A well-structured questionnaire was used for data collection and MS Excel software was used for analyzing the data. The study revealed that majority of the respondents are female 93(75%) and 65(52.4 %) of respondents are PG students. research scholars and fewer respondents from Staff. Most of respondents 120(96.8%) using the Internet, Further the study found that 53(42.7%) of using Department in the University. 43(34.7%) of respondents use the University library. Most of the respondents 35(28.2%) of used the library monthly, 24(19.3%) of respondents use the library once in a fortnight. Most of the respondents 86(69.3%) of the respondents use the Google chrome; 20(16.1%) of the respondents use the Mozilla Firefox. 107(86.3%) of the respondents using database, The study found that 36(29%) of respondents using internet to Update knowledge and 27(21.7%) of respondents use it study purpose; 44(40%) of respondents used to store and share information in online resource using Google drive, 93(75%) of respondents used UGC-info net database/journal. 42(33.8%) of the respondents facing the problem not finding relevant information, followed by 36(29%) of respondents Software/ hardware problem, Efficiency of visiting internet 47(37.9%) of respondent use Enhanced proficiency in writing; 35(28.2%) of respondent used Increasing the number of publication, 66(53.2%) of the respondent of using satisfied; 44(35.5%) of the respondent of using fully satisfied.



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