Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Satisfaction of library users is of paramount in libraries. Attaining this requires the library dimensions of service, personnel and infrastructure to be all excellent. Library services entail first and foremost a collection that is both in print and non-print formats and that supports the curricular offerings of the university. To ensure that these materials are maximized by the users, library personnel are needed. Comfortable infrastructure that includes furniture and equipment facilitates the library’s role as partner in the university’s offering for quality education.

As users are now the focal point of library work, feedback mechanisms must be in place. Satisfaction-survey must be done regularly, covering the three dimensions. A complaint handling program must also be in place to enable librarians to dutifully, speedily and uniformly respond to user complaints. The presence of complaint handling program in Saint Louis University libraries would make its librarians better trained and be more adept in handling complaints. The librarians can positively look at user complaint as a manifestation of a user’s dissatisfaction and as a form of positive feedback to improve performance. This would make users look at the library truly as a “heart” that every student couldn’t live without, not as an “addendum” to their academic life.