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This study was necessitated by an attempt to find out the nursing students’ level of satisfaction with library services in selected universities in Edo State. Descriptive survey research design was adopted. The population of the study comprised all the 100 to 500 level Nursing undergraduates in selected universities. Accidental sampling techniques was used to draw a sample size of two hundred (200), one hundred and nine three (193) copies were retrieved and analyzed using simple percentage, mean and standard deviation. The findings revealed that majority of the respondents use library loan services (52.3%), user-education services (56.5%), electronic services (50.3%) and photocopying/reprographic services (50.8%). Furthermore, it was discovered that majority of the respondents were satisfied with user-education (mean score 2.53), photocopying/ reprographic services (mean score 2.60) but expressed dissatisfaction with other library services with the mean score of less than 2.5. Finally, findings revealed that out-dated-library materials, unfriendly attitude of library staff to users, lack of awareness of the range of services libraries offer, library that do not subscribe to recent electronic databases, inadequate seats and reading tables, erratic power supply affecting the use of electronic library resources, books that are not always found in the right shelves according to subject area were challenges respondents’ face in using library services. Recommendation were made for improvement in awareness of the range of services libraries offer so as to enhance full utilization of library services; provision for reliable and stable alternative power supply to enhance students’ use of electronic resources among others.



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