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Summer 6-7-2019

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Pattnaik,A. and Rath,N.


Children are the future of every country. They are presumed to be the backbone of every country. They have to enjoy their rights and should not be neglected and should not be suffered from the cruel and heartless society. Children happen to be the potential human resource of a, providing an enabling environment to the children is the priority area in all national agenda. Children constitute the supreme assets of all the countries. The main motto of the country is to develop the national human resources. The population of children in India are more in number than the world. In 2011 census data states that 40% are children in India. The vulnerability of the children is thus very high in India. However, the incidence is higher among the groups like orphans, abandoned and destitute, missing and run away, abused, tortured and exploited children in India. The issues of these children are a multi-dimensional social problem and it is difficult to obtain an accurate and unambiguous picture of these children. Today the main problem is named as the psycho-social problems which lead to mental disorder, unhappiness and other mental problems. So, because of mental disorder and pitiable life these children such as the missing, runaway, abandoned and street children are the victims of many thing in our present society.So, the problems of these kind of children are the alarming issues in India. The general opinion of the public is that the runaway, destitute and abandoned children are involved in antisocial activities and they are the juvenile delinquents. The present study is an analysis of children staying in various orphan homes.