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Fall 6-1-2019


This paper examines the extent use of DSpace open source software and its adoption and users perceptions among PDPU libraries as an intuitional repository. Two separate questionnaires were used to gather data. 118 users are selected from stratified random sampling technique from total population of 400; questionnaires were shared to 118 users. The findings revealed that 94 responses were obtained. It is a clear sign coming out from this study is that DSpace software is becoming adoptable option to managing digital collections and building digital repository in Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University Libraries, Gandhinagar, and Gujarat. The current research is a descriptive study to evaluate DSpace digital repository open source system among PDPU Library users (Students, faculties, and staff). Through the experimental study analysis the similarities and differences between cases, identifying areas that have direct implementations for DSpace for Digital Repository to be collected from multiple sources, printed and electronic questionnaires. Web based tools for evaluation and analysis have been accepted for the study. This study it is observed that digital repositories (DR) are become formative in PDPU. Now the things have changed and DSpace has become mature and popular than another open source software for managing Institutional repository, in terms of features, DSpace is rich according to users’ perceptions, availability of community supports, and active participation of DSpace development leads make a very strong software.