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The unique properties of graphene and its extensive applications has turned it an emerging area of research. Therefore, this study is an attempt to analyse the research output trends in graphene during the period 2010 – 2012 for the publications indexed by Web of Science.


The study maps the parameters of output, journal productivity and the impact strength of publications. The Institute for Scientific Information Web of Science database core collection was used to retrieve the data. Quantitative analysis of quantity and quality of research out-put was undertaken to attain the objectives.


The analysis revealed a steep growth in the production of research publications. Further, a total of 430 journals, publishing research on graphene, were traced, with ‘PHYSICAL REVIEW B’ being the top productive journal having 1694 (11%) publications. From citation analysis ‘ACS NANO’ was found to be the journal scoring highest number of citations and the individual publication published in year 2010 marked the highest (7048) citation impact strength with 881 as the average citation rate per year.


The present study would aid to unravel the emergence and rise of research on graphene that would be beneficial for researchers and information scientists.