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Digital library is grown in multifaceted size due to high progress in the use of internet technology. In the modern digital era, information is transmitted in rapid form. In the academic life of post graduate engineering students, Digital Library plays a vital role in their academic education and promoting themselves in the various areas such as learning, teaching, research and placement. There are various kind of digital users in the digital age. In the digital era, it is very essential to measure analyse the user satisfaction of services rendered by digital library. In this study, questionnaire is structured and issued to 150 Post Graduates of Engineering around 5 colleges in Tirunelveli district. Out of 150, 121 responded and get collected. In this study, we have analysed the user satisfaction on the services various provided by digital library among post graduates of engineering. We have analysed user satisfaction of digital resources in 11 parameters. Among 11 parameters, we conclude 10 parameters in which there is a significant difference among gender wise in utilizing digital library services except reference service.



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