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Spring 3-31-2019


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Online video is playing a significant role in today life. YouTube is a popular videos sharing site used by millions of people around the world. The objective of the current study is to examine the characteristics of YouTube videos related to DSpace software. It is an open source digital library software use in many libraries. The data was extracted from the YouTube using Webometrics Analyst Software. There were 270 videos found related to DSpace. Furthermore, the results showed that about 76% of the DSpace videos had high definition (HD) whereas, 24% videos had standard definition (SD). Moreover, study revealed that, out of 270 DSpace videos, 214 videos found audio sound and 56 videos had no audio output. The study result also indicated that, majority of the videos are related to introduction to DSpace and installation of DSpace. The study also discussed duration of videos, top ten views, commented and likes videos related to DSpace. From the user’s point of view, it is a good sign to find out more videos on DSpace from different channel IDs. The study noticed that the videos having DSpace installation is greater impact on people which are uploaded by YouTuber. Online videos has wider impact on academic activities and students are regularly use these videos for their self study. Researchers and teachers should evaluate the online videos and should use high impact videos for student lectures so that, YouTuber and software developers upload these kind videos on regular interval



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