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Background and Aim: The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between time period spent on virtual social networks and communication skills of librarians in public libraries of Khuzestan province.

Methodology: The present study is a correlation survey- in terms of nature and an applied research in terms of objective. Researcher made questionnaire has been used for data collection. This questionnaire consists of two main parts: the first part includes questions related to demographic characteristics and the second part includes 38 items related to communication skills. The reliability of the questionnaire was evaluated using Cronbach's alpha coefficient and its overall reliability was obtained as 0.87. The statistical population includes librarians of public libraries of Khuzestan province. Using Morgan sampling table, 181 individuals were selected as samples. The collected data was analyzed using SPSS software version 16 and descriptive statistics (frequency, frequency percentage) and analytical statistics (Pearson correlation coefficient) were used for data analysis.

Findings: The findings of this study showed that there is a negative significant relationship between duration of using virtual social network and conscious initiation skill, verbal skill and effective listening skill. Moreover, the findings indicated lack of meaningful relationship between duration of using virtual social networks and emotional control and feedback skills.

Originality / Value: The present study is the first study dealing with exploration of the relationship between use of social networks and communication skills of librarians in public libraries.



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