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Although several bibliometric journal studies on education have been carried out, surprisingly, no bibliometric study has been carried out on the Journal of Higher Education Management (JHEM), being the foremost journal for university administrators. This study is therefore an attempt to fill this gap in the context of bibliometric analysis of single journals. The purpose of this bibliometric study was to examine the publication characteristics and developments of JHEM over an eight (8) year period from 2007 to 2016. The following bibliometric measures were analysed in this study: (a) productivity of articles, (b) productivity of authors, (c) degree of author collaboration, (d) listings of core authors, (e) Institution and country affiliations of authors, (e) types of sources cited by researchers, (f) timeliness of sources cited by researchers, (g) rank list of frequently cited journal titles and (h) rank list of frequently cited authors (i) to identify the types of sources cited by authors in JHEM. The results revealed a total of 83 articles and 1,821 citations within the period of study. Single authors had the highest number of papers with 54% of the total number of papers and degree of collaboration ranged between 0.14 – 0.67. The Journal of Higher Education was the most sighted journal with a total of 27 citations. In addition, the results revealed that JHEM had a low self-citation with a total of 7 citations out of the total number of citations. The findings suggests that JHEM needs to increase its indexed databases, in order to boost awareness of the journal, there is also need for multidisciplinary collaborations to encourage a wide variety of authorship. Also, the number of annual issues should be increased from the current single annual issue to enable the publication of more articles.