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Winter 5-6-2019


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This paper examines evaluation of the uses of social Medias in libraries operation in University libraries in Benue State. The paper uses the descriptive survey research design to gather data collected. The targeted population for this study will consist of all registered users of University of Agriculture Makurdi library, Benue State University Library and University of Mkar, Mkar. The population of the registered students in Benue State University library is estimated at ten thousand (10,000) including undergraduates and postgraduate’s students. A sample size is limited number of elements selected from population which is a representative of that population. Random sampling technique will be used to draw 100 Librarians and 150 students from the population making a total number of 250. Finding of the paper shows the percentage response on use of social media by the librarians in the university libraries in Benue state. Five (5) question items were presented to the respondents, 55% said yes and 45% said no to the question item of having constant internet facilities in the libraries. 30% of the respondent say yes to availability of social media site in their libraries while 70% respond no. on the use of social media site of the libraries 40% said yes while 60% respond no meaning most of the librarians do not use the social site of their libraries. Furthermore, 30% of the respondent find the library social media site very interesting while 70% of the respondents say no. in area of the effectiveness of the social media 30% said yes while 70% said no. It was observed that there is low usage of social media by the librarians in Benue state libraries and most library users hardly use the libraries social media site if there is any. The paper made recommendations such as University management must design time and opportunities for the use of social media activities into their course syllabi, Both instructors and students must be open to learning and using new social media class- room approaches that extend and enhance instructor-student interactions, Class size needs to be limited to a reasonable number that will enhance effective use of social media and University management must be prepared to allocate more time to supporting courses with social media components.