Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Spring 5-6-2019


An appealing, tasteful and beautiful library will make library patronage comfortable, desiring and conducive. There is need for aesthetic consideration in the design, refurbishment and renovation of old and new libraries. Library aesthetics is needed to attract users' patronage.


The study investigated the availability of library aesthetics for enhanced educational purpose of library patronage by users in federal university libraries in South East, Nigeria. Three specific objectives guided the study. Descriptive survey research design was adopted in the study. The population consist of twenty-four thousand, two hundred and sixty three (24,263) users. The sample size is three hundred and eighty-eight (388). Simple random sampling technique was used in selecting the sample respondents. A questionnaire titled Influence of Library Aesthetes on Users’ Patronage Questionnaire (ILAUPQ) and observation checklist were used in data collection. Simple percentage, mean and standard deviation were used for data analysis. The result shows that theavailable library aesthetics facilities are ventilation, signage, lightning, art drawing; interior and exterior decoration; library aesthetics influence users’ educational purpose of library patronage; and users’ perception is that library aesthetics make the library conducive, comfortable and exciting for reading, learning and research.Based on these findings it was recommended that library aesthetics should be considered in the design, renovation, refurbishment and redesign of university libraries to appeal to the taste of users. High quality and standardized library aesthetics facilities should be used in building university libraries for sustainability and long lifespan. Proper maintenance measures should be created in order to preserve the library aesthetics facilities.