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The landslide is one of the natural disasters that poses a serious threat in the Kersaratu Village, Sidamulih District, Pangandaran Regency, therefore a serious disaster relief is needed. However, the village has not received disaster mitigation training from related parties, so that most of the community does not understand how to deal with the landslide. For this reason, the village head and his staff and Youth Organization tried to search for information on disaster management using a smartphone, then the results of the search were disseminated to the community. This study aims to obtain an overview of the motivation, objectives, and actions to search for information on disaster management through the smartphone. The method used in this study is descriptive, with qualitative data. The results showed that the motivation of government officials, and their staff, and youth in using a smartphone is for coordination, sharing information, and learning. The purpose of using a smartphone is for knowledge, preparedness, and collaboration. The action taken is to create a social media group, search, collect, and disseminate information on disaster management. The conclusion of this study, the smartphone is media that is quite effective in the process of finding information on handling landslides, because it can reduce the risk of disasters and save the ecosystem if the collection, analysis, dissemination of information is directed, and transparent.



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