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The Digital Librarian in the Community: Linking the Micro with the Macro.


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Digital librarianship is no longer an emerging concept as considered some years back; it has grown to become a force to reckon with, since it bridges the gap between traditional and digital library by preserving information in an electronic format for quick access and retrieval by library patrons. Digital librarian ensure regular subscription of electronic content of the library, act as an intermediary manager between resources and patrons, a voyeur of current information, organizer of digital resources such as e-books/journals, library’s repository, e-preservation and social media. The digital librarian in the micro community is prone to challenges such as low funds, inadequate power, low capacity building, inadequate service provider for internet use and lack of relevant Information and Communication Technology skills. Digital librarian is not just an information expert but a collaborator, researcher, facilitator, mediator and publisher of information and all these transformations would be further treasured in the community if patrons have access to uninterrupted internet service thus linking the micro to the macro.