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@2020 Nuning Kurniasih


To introduce e-commerce to rural entrepreneurs, we need to convey information according to their needs. This article explains the information needs for rural entrepreneurs in developing their marketing through e-commerce. The proceedings concerning information needs for rural entrepreneurs were obtained through a case study approach in Tegalmanggung village, Sumedang Regency, Indonesia. The primary data in the study was acquired through observation, Focus Group Discussion, and interview. The primary data is then processed to get a picture of rural entrepreneurs' information needs to enter e-commerce. Based on the description, we made a SWOT analysis, formulate each point of the entrepreneurs' information needs, and combine them with business models from secondary data. At the end of the analysis, we also include information needs that need to be provided by resourceful persons who will guide the rural entrepreneurs to start e-commerce. The result of this study is expected to be an input for policymakers and practitioners in helping rural entrepreneurs entering e-commerce.



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